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What to do when it Rains out your fishing trip

Posted by: Capt Mark on 06/02/2014

I got this morning with a little extra pep in my step as today was the 1st Tarpon trip on the season. Don get me wrong I love to catch Trout, Redfish, Flounder, and Tripletail. But none of those can match the excitement of a Giant Tarpon leaping out of the water.  As I walked out on my porch in the predawn hours to gaze out over St Joe Bay I was greeted by a steady rain and calm winds. I thought to myself this is ok, it can not last more than an hour or two. I came back in and pulled up the local radar and there was a small, again I say small group of showers over Port St Joe and Cape San Blas. The hourly forecast called for the rain to be completely over by 9 am.So I went about getting dressed and loading the rods in the boat and hooking up the trailer. I am still excited about the upcoming day. I stop by to get gas for both my truck and the boat and get some ice. It is now starting to rain harder and harder. I can see my bilge pump kicking on and off as I go down the road.

I decide to call my clients and push them back to 9am to give the rain time to pass as I go get some breakfast. Most  all of the local Captains were gathered around drinking coffee discussing what time the rain was going to end here in Port St Joe. Now it is only raining within a 25 mile radius of us.

Thanks to new technology we are all watching the radar on our smart phones ,well the ones that are smart enough to work a smart phone ( im not one of those). As we are finishing up our breakfast  Capt. Bill starting muttering in a tone that is never good. He announces that NWC has changed the forecast saying it will rain all morning.  Now we all  have to make a call to our groups and cancel our charters for the day.

SO back to what to do when you get rained out. Well you could go home and write something in your blog or take a nap and rest up for the rest of your week. I hope I have dreams of giant tarpon swimming around my boat.Port St Joe Charter Fishing

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