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What to do at the Ramp

Posted by: Capt. Mark on 03/19/2011

Most all of us have experienced that person at the ramp that is either unprepared to launch or recover their boat, or just doesn’t know any better. As the weather warms the presure at our locals ramps are going to increase fromwhat we see during the winter. As an experienced boater we all get frustrated waiting on these folks. May I suggest if you see someone that looks like they are struggeling offer to help them out. You will feel better in the end and the line will move a whole faster.
Now you guys that are new to boating, the ramp is not the place to load all your gear into the boat. You can do that at home or while your waiting in line to take your turn. When you get to the ramp have a plan of who is going to do what and get r done. That will get you on the water faster and hopfully you will have a great day on the water.

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