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It's Been a Busy Summer

Posted by: Capt. Mark on 08/17/2011

Hey everyone I have not put up anything new in a while Im sorry to say. But This has been a real busy summer. And for the bottom line that has been real good.
The last few morning here on the coast have been a little cooler thnak you very much. And the fishing as responded very well. I have been averaging 15 trout and 6 reds over the last seven days and and this morning was just off the charts. The bay is sarting to clear up from some recent rains and the fish are responding. This morning we caught 23 trout with six over 23 inches and 14 reds. We also added in 2 blacktips with one being a 6 ft. not bad for 4 hrs huh.
The fishing is only going to get better as we move toward the fall. If you thinking about coming this way and looking for a guide I suggest you start thinking about making some reservations.

Capt Mark

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