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What to Look for in a Fishing Charter

Posted by: Capt Mark on 04/08/2014

Here's a list of things you should remember when booking your next guided fishing trip:

  • Book early whenever possible. Booking early gives you a better chance of being able to book the guide you want during the time you want. Trust the guide's advice on when the best fishing is available and adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • Look at the boat you will be fishing on. Not all boats work for all people.
  • Get references. Don't ever plan a day on the water with a person you know nothing about. And don't worry about offending anyone: a reputable guide is more than willing to give you some past clients' names.
  • Be honest about your fishing abilities and let the guide know what you can and can't do. Also, let them know how much fishing you do on your own. This will help the guide better a plan an outing for you that will not only help you be more successful but will make the trip more enjoyable. Also, let the guide know up front if children will be along on the trip.
  • Determine whose gear is being used and who is providing things like lunches, snacks, drinks and other necessities. Some guides provide all of this and things like sunscreen in the price - but better to ask and not regret being hungry and sunburned later. If you want to fish with your own gear, let the guide know or let him make some gear recommendations to you.
  • Don't ever ask the guide to bend the rules - whether they are the rules of his boat (like no alcohol on board) or game laws. If the guide asks you to break a game law, don't do it.
  • Determine an exact time and place that you will meet the guide and determine how long the trip will last.
  • Don't tell the guide what to do, be respectful and helpful whenever possible.
  • Tipping is important. Remember, these guides work hard for you and should be rewarded accordingly. Standard tip for a fishing guide on a good day should be 20 percent of the day's rate for each person on board. On really good days, that tip should be even higher. If you catch a fish of a lifetime, be prepared to give the tip of a lifetime. Your generosity will not be forgotten.

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