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Saturday Morning on the Joe

Posted on: 04/02/2011

Had Jim and Carol from Lake City on the boat today. And oh what a day it was. We started out with some topwater action on a samll scool of reds. We end up bring 6 reds to the boat. We had 2 fish that just did not want to come in. After a monsterious explosion these bad boys headed for parts unkown. We finished up the Morning catching over 30 trout. With 2 measuring just over 29 inches. Read More

Kayaking St. Joe Bay

Posted on: 03/19/2011

Pure Forida was over here just a few days ago and wrote a nice piece on Kayaking St Joe Bay. Read More

What to do at the Ramp

Posted on: 03/19/2011

Most all of us have experienced that person at the ramp that is either unprepared to launch or recover their boat, or just doesn’t know any better. As the weather warms the presure at our locals ramps are going to increase fromwhat we see during the winter. As an experienced boater we all get frustrated waiting on these folks. May I suggest if you see someone that looks like they are struggeling... Read More

The Spanish are Coming

Posted on: 03/13/2011

Well the first signs of spring fishing are here in the form of Spanish Mackeral. Catches have been reported all along St Joe and Mexico Beach. Troling Clarke Spoons has been producing good catches along with just about anything that flashes. These fish are small for the most part but will increase in size over the next few weeks. Read More

It's About Time

Posted on: 03/08/2011

Heard a reort from just west of here on the first cobia of the season. All I can say its about time. As these winds subside start looking for these along the beaches swimming along the sandbar. Jigs and live eals seem to work best. Read More

Great Day on the Water

Posted on: 02/27/2011

I got to take my very good friend Carol fishing Saturday. Carol has had very little experince fishing in Saltwater or along the forgotten coast. For the day she totaled ‎2 crabs, 4 croakers, 5 or 6 speckled trout…and her first red! Not a bad morning y’all. Read More

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